I made more shirts! They’re just so easy and cute on. 

I love the sparkle blue on and unicorn the most. For Valentine’s Day I made Eliza a little pouch from the unicorn fabric. To match the little purse I got her. 

I really just wanted to do something silly for Valentine’s and we got her a giant teddy. She loves to cuddle and snuggle and I thought she would love having it in her bed. 

Dave knocked on the door and hid. It was really cute how excited she was. She drags him all around. As I write this she’s sitting on his lap on the couch. 

We had a day of not winter temperatures. Eliza wanted to live it up. 

And this next two weeks nails. 

It’s supposed to change color but I’ve used hot and cold and I really don’t see a difference. 
Our local shoe store was having a warehouse sale. I got these sandals for $28 total! And Clarks! My favorite! Now I can’t wait for the warmer temps!!!

Eliza and my niece were playing with makeup in her room. Eliza has always been great with makeup. She sticks to her face. Oy! When you get two 4 year olds you get this!!! Ahahaha it was on their arms, feet, necks! It took a ton of scrubbing to get it off. They said they were wild cats.