More shirts!

I made some more shirts. Again Shirt no.1 from 100 Acts Of Sewing

The dress is Dress no.2 also from Sonya. My favorite is the grey flower one. It’s slightly cropped and rayon from 
Cotton + Steel from Pintuck and Purl  my favorite store. 

Yesterday I made the  Pearl Wallet from Swoon. 

It was super confusing to me. I ended up finding a YouTube video someone made that helped me in the really sticky spots. I love the result. It’s hard to show in picture but the linen has silver sparkle in it. The cat (ugh yes upside down! I said it was confusing!) have little pink cheeks. I did hot pink stitching to try and tie it all together. 

My latest nails. I wanted something Valentiney. It’s
Bubble Bath by Opi. I am in love with milky pink color. 
Honestly. I don’t really know much about my serger. I’ve had it for 4 years and use it constantly. But I don’t know anything about straight lines. I finish all my seams with it. And I always make a huge mess with what it cuts off. 
The other day I saw my mil had a bin on hers! Why didn’t I have a bin? This is life changing! No more thread vomit?! I looked around to find something the right size and made it all fancy with packing tape.  Funny how something so simple can change everything. 

If you’re cautious about why the rainbow thread. Yes I use like that. I started doing it to try and learn about the machine. I tried to match the thread colors to the colors on the machine. I love how it looks in my garments so I don’t bother changing it to match. Seams are inside anyways.