I made some shirts

I got in some sewing for myself today. I used the shirt no.1 pattern from 100 acts of sewing. I signed up for the free 2 week trial of Creative Bug and took Sonya Philip’s class to make the shirt. 
The first one ended up being too big but not so much as I can’t wear it. The fabric is Cotton and Steel. I’m kinda obsessed with their stuff. 

For the second one I went down a size but kept the sleeves and hem the same length. It fits much better. 

I also hemmed it with some bias I made! 

Bias tape had always been something that I couldn’t make successfully. I don’t know why it’s always been so hard. It is a very simple concept. You cut strips and put them together. But somehow I ALWAYS forked it up. I followed this 
tutorial from Colette. And suddenly I finally could do it! I made a bunch the other day. 

Hadn’t posted my nails last week! Here they are. 

Think that was my favorite. The chrome I had previously lasted over 2 weeks! No issue! This is right before I changed it. I could of gone longer but I had the rare opportunity of a couple kid free hours so I jumped on it. 

I bought the kid some makeup to play with at her vanity she got for Christmas. She’s been giving everyone makeovers. 

We went to a birthday party last week. Eliza is madly in love with the birthday girl. Between my 4 closest friends we have 10(?) kids and Eliza has always been the only girl. She’s so happy to have a “little girlie” 

She’s just so snuggleable! 

I introduced the kid to the amazing world of shrinky dinks!